Contacts for the Klamath Falls Freedom Celebration


Founders of Klamath Freedom Celebration:

Doug and Christina Brown

In Loving Memory of our dear departed Chris

chris brown



All Event Information
Doug Brown

Ron Ballard

We are proud to introduce our 501c3 2022 NON~PROFIT Klamath Freedom Foundation Board

        Doug Brown ~ President & CEO

                               Mark Dodson ~ COO Chief Operations Officer

          Gale McMahon ~ Senior Vice President

  Kryssi Heitman ~ Secretary

Doug Brown ~ Treasurer


 Freedom Committee:

Ron Smiley: 541-891-2033
Vickie Smiley: 541-891-0442
Ryan Wheelock: 541-281-5681
Amanda and Dusty Amundson: 541-281-3984
 James Hotz: 541-591-4872
Mark Dodson: 541-331-6219
IT Guy: Tim Wise: 541-891-5584 
Graphic Artist: Amy Newman: 541-331-2347
                              Vim Clarke: 541-331-1963

  Karley Kay: 

Entertainment Coordinators
(Scheduling and Booking)
Doug Brown ~ 541-281-7094 
Shane Thornton ~ 541-852-7047 


Vendor Coordinator
Kryssi Heitman ~ 541-591-1732 

 Event Chaplain
Tom Franks

For Spring and Fall Festival Information
Please contact
Doug Brown or Kryssi Heitman
at the information above


Chris Brown Memorial Freedom Ride
Formerly Crater Lake / Vietnam Wall,
Poker Run, Bike Show
Doug Brown: 541-281-7094
Dona Bockelman 541-281-5062

Ron Bockelman 541-281-8661
Guy Landis: 541-892-6469

Volunteer & Student Coordinator
Kryssi Heitman ~ 541-591-1732  

Veteran Historian
Gale McMahon (Retired)
Kingsley Field AFB


Doug Brown: 541-281-7094 
     Kryssi Heitman: ~ 541-591-1732  
Mark Dodson: 541-331-6219